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YouTube is a video-sharing website that has become an internet sensation. Since its launch in 2005, it has developed into one of the world’s most viewed websites. It is considered responsible for the creation of the internet celebrity (think Justin Bieber) and has transformed the way the world watches entertainment.

YouTube is accessible without membership; however users can create their own ‘channel’ and upload videos to build subscriptions.

YouTube is one of the most underutilised social media platforms. Although most large companies have a dedicated and active channel, many small to medium sized enterprises do not utilise YouTube effectively. At George Social Media we can provide:

  • A professional channel set up service that is personalised to your business
  • Video uploads and a strategy to keep your channel updated and active
  • Tools and tricks to get more views for the videos you post
  • Methods to integrate YouTube videos with your company assets i.e. website and blog
  • Plus much more…

YouTube has the power to increase brand awareness and it also provides a fantastic tool to engage with interested customers. If you don’t have the time or know how to fully exploit YouTube’s massive potential, let George Social Media run your channel for you.

Call us on -01895 67 90 90- for a chat about how we can work with you to properly utilise YouTube and keep your business on the path to social media success.